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WAN Edge Templates: LAN

We’ll add two LANs to this WAN Edge template by selecting them from the Network list.

  1. Under the LAN section, click the Add LANs button to open the Add LAN Configuration panel.
  2. Click the drop-down under Network and select spoke-corp from the list of networks that appears. When you do, the remaining configuration will be automatically filled in.
  3. Use the table to review the LAN settings and click Add to add it to the list of LANs.

LAN Configurations for the WAN Edge Template

Name: spoke-corp Name: spoke-guest
Interface: ge-0/0/2 Interface: ge-0/0/3
Port Aggregation: not selected Port Aggregation: not selected
Redundant: not selected Redundant: not selected
IP Address: {{spoke_corp_ip}} IP Address: {{spoke_guest_ip}}
Prefix Length: {{spoke_mask}} Prefix Length: {{spoke_mask}}
Redirect Gateway: <null> Redirect Gateway: <null>
Untagged VLAN: Yes Untagged VLAN: Yes
DHCP: Server DHCP: Server
IP Start: {{spoke_corp_dhcp}}2 IP Start: {{spoke_guest_dhcp}}1
IP End: {{spoke_corp_dhcp}}254 IP End: {{spoke_guest_dhcp}}253
Gateway: {{spoke_corp_dhcp}}1 Gateway: {{spoke_guest_dhcp}}254
DNS Servers: {{dns_1}}, {{dns_2}} DNS Servers: {{dns_1}}, {{dns_2}}
DNS Suffix: <null> DNS Suffix: <null>