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About Juniper Mist WAN Assurance

Juniper Mist WAN Assurance is a cloud service that brings automated operations and service levels to the enterprise access layer for the WAN edge. It supports both Juniper® SRX Series Services Gateways and Juniper® Session Smart™ Routers to provide near-continuous visibility into application performance and user experiences.

The SRX or SSR devices provide a rich variety of streaming telemetry to the Juniper Mist cloud, upon which you can build WAN Service-Level Experiences (SLEs) and set a baseline for network performance. For example, you can use an SLE for WAN link-health to identify issues on the WAN caused by congestion, IPsec, or ISP availability. You can also get insight into issues such as network latency, jitter, and packet loss as they affect application performance.

Another key part of the WAN Assurance cloud services is the Juniper Mist AI engine and Marvis virtual network assistant. These power the intelligent Self-Driving Network™ by transforming telemetry from the devices into Insights and automated actions, which allows you to shift your IT operations from a stance of being reactive, and troubleshooting based, to one of being proactive and preventive.

All these services are brought together in the Juniper Mist cloud console, which serves as a single pane of glass from which you can manage SLAs and monitor remediations. By virtue of the Juniper Mist cloud, WAN Assurance abstracts away the underlying complex technologies and provides a simplified user experience. Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), which is available on all cloud-ready Juniper devices, eliminates the legacy need for skilled and “remote” hands to onboard new equipment, and features such as variable and multi-device configuration that are available through templating brings increased efficiency.

Together, these features allow you to work from a set of common elements that you can apply across the entire Self-Driving Network domain: Wireless, Wired and WAN.