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Allocating DS0 Time Slots for T1 and E1 Ports for VComp Bundles (CTPView)

This topic describes how to configure the DS0 time slots used by the VComp bundle.

If VComp bundles are built from T1/E1 DS0s, all DS0s for that bundle must come from the same T1/E1 port; for example, te-0/1 or te-0/2. The time slots are reset to default if you change the port type from T1 to E1 or vice versa, or if you change the signaling type on any T1 or E1 port.

Before you begin:

  • Log in to the CTPView software at least at the Net_Admin level.

  • Connect the CTPView server to the CTP device for which you want to configure bundles.

  • Disable the bundle before you modify the bundle options.

To allocate DS0s using CTPView:

  1. In the side pane, select Bundle > Configuration.
  2. Run your mouse over the Display and Select an Existing Bundle bar.
  3. In the table of bundles, select the bundle that you want to modify.
  4. Under Bundle Options, configure the parameter described in Table 1.
  5. Click Click to Submit Bundle AND Port Changes.
Table 1: VComp Bundle DS0 Allocation Parameter Settings in CTPView
Field Function Your Action


Specifies the DS0s to use in the bundle.

To select a DS0 for the bundle, click on the port. Green DS0s are selected. Gray DS0s are not selected.