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Voice Compression Module Overview

The CTP2000 compression interface module enables serial data and voice bundles to be compressed and passed through a CTP2000 device. The voice compression module is a server module within the CTP2000 device. Any T1 or E1 DS0 or analog channel on a 4W-E&M, 2W-FXS, or 2W-FXO can use the compression module features.

The voice compression module provides the following features:

  • A-law to mu-law conversion—Allows you to connect sites that use a-law companding to sites that use mu-law companding.

  • Echo cancellation—Provides a 32-ms end path delay on each bundle channel. This feature can eliminate the need for external echo cancellation devices.

  • Silence detection—Provides bandwidth savings. Silence suppression can result in significant bandwidth savings. When silence is detected on the channel, the network bandwidth used for that channel is reduced drastically when this attribute is enabled.

  • Fax and modem detection—Detects fax and modem tones and if detected, disables compression and reverts the channel to pulse code modulation (PCM). Enabling this feature increases the network bandwidth needed for that channel in the bundle for the duration of the fax or modem session. However, it succeeds in negotiation and transfer of fax and modem data at high speeds.