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Adding a Bundle (CTPView)

Before you begin:

  • Log in to the CTPView software at least at the Net_Admin level.

  • Connect the CTPView server to the CTP device for which you want to configure bundles.

To add a bundle using CTPView:

  1. In the side pane, select Bundle > Configuration.
  2. Run your mouse over the Open Add Bundles Display bar.
  3. Under New Bndl Number, select a bundle number.
  4. Under the type of bundle you want to add, select a source port and click the button for the type of bundle.

    Before you create a VComp bundle, you must ensure that the CTP system has a VComp card installed. The CTP system displays a warning message if no VComp card is installed. If you create a VComp bundle on a CTP system that does not have a VComp card installed and try to activate it, the CTP system displays the following warning message:

    The bundle remains disabled until you install a VComp card and activate the bundle again. If you remove the VComp card from a CTP system that has an active VComp bundle, the Run state of the VComp bundle changes to MisCfg.

  5. Enter the parameters and click Click to Submit Bundle AND Port Changes.