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Setting the Logging Level (CTPView Server Menu)

You can specify the logging level, which determines what events are logged The log output is placed in the /var/log/acorngui.log file.

Before you begin, log in to the CTPView server and access the CTPView Configuration Menu. See Accessing the CTPView Server Configuration Menu (CTPView Server Menu).

To set the logging level:

  1. From the CTPView Configuration Menu, select 4) Advanced Functions.
  2. Select 7) Set Logging Level.
  3. Enter one of the following:
    • 1) Normal (Most commands, All errors)

    • 2) Debug Level 1 (All commands, All errors)

    • 3) Debug Level 2 (All commands, All output)


    Starting with CTPView Release 7.2R1, that occur, attempts to log in that are unsuccessful and failed login attempts to access-denied functionalites are recorded in the log file.