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Setting the CTPView Server Clock (CTPView)

The date and time configured on the CTPView server is displayed in the heading section of the CTPView GUI, regardless of which pane is currently displayed. You can change the time zone, date, and time for the server.


We strongly recommend that you set the time zone to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on all CTPView servers and CTP platforms in your network. This practice is necessary to enable the statistics graphs of CTP network behavior to accurately represent when particular events occurred. CTP platform time is set when you first power up the device.

To set the date and time on the CTPView server clock:

  1. In the heading section, click the globe icon to the right of the current time display.

    The Clock CTPView window is displayed.

  2. (Optional) Select a different time zone and click Submit New Timezone.

    Changing the time zone reboots the CTPView server.

  3. If you want only to adjust the time and not change the time zone, click Cancel.

    The Clock CTPView window now displays the current time and fields for the new time.

  4. Select new values to adjust any or all of the day, month, year, hour, minute, or second, and click Submit Changes.

    The current time displayed in the CTPView GUI does not update automatically. When you navigate to any other pane in the software, the time display updates.