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Setting the CTP Platforms Login Banner (CTPView)

When you log in to the CTP platforms through an SSH connection, a banner presents a message. You can change the banner to display the desired message. You can also configure different banners for different CTP platforms.

To set the platform login banner:

  1. In the side pane, select Node > Maintenance.

    The Node Maintenance pane is displayed.

  2. Click Update CTP Login Banner.

    The Upgrade CTP Banner window opens and displays the current CTPView software start-up banner and a list of platform groups and their members.

  3. Skip to step 8 if you want to copy the current banner to the CTP platforms.
  4. Click Change Banner to use a message different than the current banner.

    The Modify Start-Up Banner Content window is displayed.

  5. Type your message in the field.
  6. Click Submit Changes. This action changes the start-up banner for CTPView itself. If you do not want to submit your changes, then click Undo Changes.
  7. Click Return to CTP Banner Upgrade.
  8. Click the name of a platform. You can select more than one platform by holding down the Ctrl key when you click the platform names.
  9. Click Upgrade Banner on CTP(s).

    The banner is pushed to each selected CTP platform. The new login banner is displayed in your terminal window when you create an SSH connection to the platform. It is also displayed when you log in to the CTPView server through the CTPView GUI or through an SSH connection.