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Creating a New Global_Admin Account (CTPView)

A global administrative (Global_Admin) account is required to access the CTPView Admin Center. Do not use the default user account for routine access. Create a separate account for each user that requires administrative access. Beginning with CTPView 2.2R2, the security-enhanced interface allows only one active session per username. When a second user attempts to log in with the same username in an active session, both IP addresses for the clients and the username are locked from access for a preset lockout period.

To create a Global_Admin account:

  1. Log in to the CTPView GUI with the default username and the password you have set previously.

    For the default username, see Default CTPOS and CTPView Accounts and Passwords.

  2. Click Admin Center.
  3. Select Users > All Users.
  4. Type the desired username, group name, and password, and click Add User.
  5. Select Users > Modify User Properties.
  6. Select the Global_Admin user level.
  7. Log out of CTPView and use the new account to log back in.