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Third-Party Software on CTPView Servers

You may choose to use third-party software on your CTPView server.


Third-party software installed on the CTPView server is not supported by Juniper Networks.

Typical third-party software is one of the following types:

  • System file monitoring and management software

    Tripwire third-party software is preloaded onto the CTPView server. Tripwire facilitates security, intrusion detection, damage evaluation, and recovery. You can use this software to generate a baseline of system files and directories after you have configured your server to a known secure state. Tripwire subsequently monitors the system files and directories and compares them with the baseline, enabling you to identify any changes that have been made.

    Refer to the Tripwire documentation for more information. Complete documentation is located on the CTPView server in the /usr/share/doc/tripwire-<current-version-number> directory.

  • Antivirus software

    McAfee VirusScan for UNIX, version 5.10.0, is the only antivirus application from a DOD-approved vendor that is compatible with CTPView server software.

The CTPView server includes a dedicated directory, /var/av, for installation of antivirus software. You must be a member of the server group to install the antivirus software directly into the /var/av directory. After the software archive is in the /var/av directory, follow the installation directions in the McAfee product guide. We recommend that you select the default choices offered when installing the antivirus software. Refer to the antivirus documentation for more information about this software.