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Configuring Circuit Restart Parameters for CESoPSN Bundles on CTP150 Devices (CTP Menu)

This topic describes how to configure advanced options that are related to circuit restart. Set these parameters to the same values on the local and remote CTP devices.

To configure circuit restart parameters using the CTP Menu:

  1. From the Main Menu, select 1) Bundle Operations.
  2. Select 3) CESoPSN.
  3. Select a bundle from the list.

    If you select an active bundle, you are prompted to disable the bundle before configuring it.

  4. Select 2) Config.
  5. Select 10) Advanced Options.
  6. Configure the options as described in Table 1.
Table 1: CESoPSN Bundle Advanced Options Parameter Settings for Circuit Startup in the CTP Menu
Field Function Your Action

Consecutive pkts loss to starve

Specifies how many consecutive circuit packets the IP network must drop before the CTP device restarts the circuit.

We recommend that you set the parameter to a larger value when the IP network uses packet-encrypting devices. These devices cause momentary interruption in packet flows when encryption keys are updated.

Enter a number from 1 through 64.

In sequence pkts after starve

Specifies the number of in-sequence packets the CTP device must receive after a starvation before the circuit transitions from in-sync to running.

Enter a number from 1 through 64.