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Managing cSRX Containers

This section outlines basic Docker commands that you can use with a running cSRX container. It includes the following topics:

Pausing/Resuming Processes within a cSRX Container

You can suspend or resume all processes within one or more cSRX containers. On Linux, this task is performed using the cgroups freezer process.

To pause and restart a cSRX container:

  1. Use the docker pause command to suspend all processes in a cSRX container.
  2. Use the docker unpause command to resume all processes in the cSRX container.

Viewing Container Processes on a Running cSRX Container

Use the docker exec command to view the details of the processes (applications, services and status) running on a cSRX container.

Removing a cSRX Container or Image

To remove a cSRX container or image:


You must first stop and remove a cSRX container before you can remove a cSRX image.

  1. Use the docker stop command to stop the cSRX container.
  2. Use the docker rm command to remove the cSRX container.

    Include --force to force the removal of a running cSRX container.

  3. Use the docker rmi command to remove one or more cSRX images from the Docker Engine.

    Include --force to force the removal a cSRX image.