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Automate Initial Configuration Load with Kubernetes ConfigMap

Loading Initial Configuration with Kubernetes ConfigMap

ConfigMap is Kubernetes standard specification.

ConfigMaps allow you to decouple configuration artifacts from image content to keep containerized applications portable. cSRX use ConfigMaps to load initial configuration file at cSRX container startup.

You can also add license from license key file using the steps similar to loading the initial configuration file in kubernetes.

To create cSRX ConfigMap according to cSRX initial configurations:

  1. Create the csrx.yaml file on Kubernetes-master and add the text content to deploy cSRX Pod with ConfigMap:

    root@kubernetes-master:~#kubectl create -f pod_with_configmap.txt

  2. Run the following command to create csrx using yaml file.

    root@kubernetes-master:~#kubectl apply -f csrx.yaml

  3. Run the following command to start cSRX in CLI mode

    root@kubernetes-master:~#kubectl exec -it csrx bash



  4. After cSRX Pod startup, you can check cSRX initial configuration from cSRX CLI.

    root@csrx> show