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Downloading cSRX Software

To download the cSRX software:

  1. Download the cSRX software image from the Juniper Networks website. The filename of the downloaded cSRX software image must not be changed to continue with the installation.
  2. You can either download the cSRX image file normally using the browser or use the URL to download the image directly on your device as in the following example:

    Run the following command to downloaded images to a local registry using curl command or any other http utility. The syntax for curl commands is:

    root@csrx-ubuntu3:~csrx# curl -o <file destination path> <Download link url>

    root@csrx-ubuntu3:/var/tmp# curl -o /var/tmp/images/junos-csrx-docker-20.3R1.10.img “”

  3. Locate the cSRX image by using the ls Linux shell command.

    root@csrx-ubuntu3:/var/tmp/images# ls

  4. Load the downloaded cSRX image from the download site to the local registry using the following command.

    root@csrx-ubuntu3:/var/tmp/images# docker image load -i /var/tmp/images/junos-csrx-docker-20.2R1.10.img

  5. After the cSRX image loads, confirm that it is listed in the repository of Docker images.

    root@csrx-ubuntu3:/var/tmp/images# docker images