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Setting Up the Visual Presentation of Microservice Log Files

Contrail Service Orchestration includes Kibana and Logstash to view logged data for microservices in a visual format.

To set up logging in Kibana:

  1. Log in to Kibana.

  2. Select Settings > Indices.

  3. Click Create.

    This action creates the csplogs index file.

  4. Log in as root to the installer host and access the installer directory.

  5. Copy the deploy_manager/export.json file to a location from which you can import it to the Kibana GUI.


    Do not change the format of the JSON file. The file must have the correct format to enable visualization of the logs.

  6. In the Kibana GUI, select Settings > Objects.

  7. Click Import.

  8. Navigate to the location of the export.json file that you made available in Step 5.

  9. Click Open.

  10. Confirm overwriting of any existing data.

  11. Refresh the Kibana page.

  12. Access the dashboard to view the logs in a visual format.

    Logs appear after an end user activates a network service.

Refer to the Kibana documentation for information about viewing files in a visual format.