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Deploy a NAT Policy

To deploy a NAT policy:

  1. Select Configuration > NAT > NAT Policy.

    The NAT Policy page appears

  2. Click the name of the NAT policy that you want to deploy.

    You are taken to the NAT-Policy-Name page.

  3. Click Deploy.

    The Deploy page appears.

  4. In the Choose Deployment Time field, select:
    • Run now to trigger the deployment of the policy immediately.

    • Schedule at a later time to schedule the deployment for later.

      If you schedule the deployment for later, enter the date (in MM/DD/YYYY format) and time (in HH:MM:SS 24-hour or AM/PM format) that you want the deployment to occur. You specify the time in the local time zone of the client from which you access the CSO GUI.

  5. Click OK

    You are returned to the NAT Policy page and a job to deploy the policy is triggered. You can check the status of the deployment on the Jobs page (Monitor > Jobs). When the job completes successfully, it means that the NAT policy was deployed. The Undeployed field on the NAT-Policy-Name page should be 0.