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Assign CSO Licenses to Tenants

Users with the Operating Company (OpCo) Administrator role (or users with the necessary access privileges) can assign the CSO licenses (that were previously assigned to them) to one or more tenants.

To assign a CSO license that is not yet assigned to a tenant:

  1. Select Administration > Licenses > CSO Licenses.

    The CSO Licenses page appears.

  2. Click the Assign link (in the Assigned column) corresponding to the license that you want to assign .Alternatively, select the license that you want to assign, and click the Update Assignment button.

    The Update License Assignment page appears.

  3. Configure the fields according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.

    Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

  4. Click Assign.

    CSO validates the quantities that you assigned against the total quantity for the license:

    • If the sum of assigned quantities is greater than the total quantity, an error message is displayed. You must then modify the assigned quantities to proceed.

    • If the sum of assigned quantities is less than or equal to the total quantity, a job is triggered. You are returned to the CSO Licenses page and a confirmation message is displayed on the top of the page. After the job finishes successfully, the CSO Licenses page displays the updated information in the Available and Assigned columns.

Table 1: Fields on the Assign CSO License page



License Information

Displays the following information for the license:

  • Sales Order

  • License SKU

  • Start Date

License Assignment


Device Quantity

Displays the total quantity that can be assigned to tenants.


Displays the quantity that is already assigned to tenants.

Tenants List

To assign the license to one or more tenants:

  1. Click the + icon.

    A row is added in the grid and selected.

  2. In the Tenant column, select the tenant to which you want to assign the license.

  3. In the Device Quantity column, enter the quantity that you want to assign to the tenant.

  4. Click (check mark) to save your changes.

  5. (Optional) Click the pencil icon to modify the tenant name or the quantity and click (check mark) to save your changes.

  6. (Optional) Repeat the steps if you want to assign the license to additional tenants.