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Push a Device License File

You can push licenses to devices from the Device Licenses page of Customer Portal.

To push a license to a device:

  1. Click Administration > Licenses > Device Licenses.

    The Device License Files page appears.

  2. Select the device license file that you want to push to a device.
  3. Click Push License > Push.

    The Push License page appears displaying the following information about your sites and devices:

    • Site name

    • Device name

    • Device status

    • Status of whether the license is installed on the listed devices or not. If the license is already installed, a green check mark (✓) icon is displayed. If not, a red X is displayed.


      You can also view the history of licenses pushed on your devices previously by selecting Push License > Push History. The Push License History page appears. See Table 1.

  4. Select the sites and devices to which you want to push the device license file and click OK.

    An Install License job is triggered and you are returned to the Device License Files page.

    A confirmation message appears (with the job link) at the top of the page indicating that a job was created. You can click the job link to view the status of the job. Alternatively, you can check the status of the job on the Jobs (Monitor > Jobs) page.

    After the job completes successfully, CSO pushes the license to the selected devices.

Table 1: Fields on the Push License History Page



In Progress

Number of license install jobs that are in progress.


Number of license install jobs that have successfully completed.


Number of license install jobs that have failed.


Name of the job created to push licenses on the device. You can click on the Name link to view detailed information related to the site history tasks which have successfully completed or failed.

Start Date

Start date and time of license install jobs. The format is MMM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM/PM.

End Date

End date and time of license install jobs. The format is MMM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM/PM.


Status of the license install job (success, failed, or in progress).


Link to the logs generated for the license install job. Click on the Log link to view detailed logs about the license install job.

The Job Status page appears displaying the date and time at which the license install job and various tasks associated with the job were executed in chronological order.