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Generate Device RSI for Enterprise Hub and Spoke Devices

Starting from Release 6.0.0, CSO provides the option to generate the device RSI (request support information) file. Before you contact the customer support team, you must generate an RSI file for the device. The RSI file contains system data that can be analyzed to troubleshoot and debug any issue.

Only the SP administrator, OpCo administrator, or tenant administrator can generate the device RSI. Users with custom roles can generate RSI files, if the device RSI action is enabled for that role.

You can generate the device RSI log file for NFX150, NFX250, SRX Series, and vSRX Virtual Firewall devices. To generate the RSI log, the operational status of the device must be UP.

To collect the device RSI:

  1. Select Resources > Devices.

    The Devices page appears.

  2. Select a device from the list of devices displayed and click More > Device RSI. You can generate the device log for only one device at a time.

    An alert message that prompts you to confirm the operation appears.

  3. Click Yes.

    A message indicating that the request system information job is triggered is displayed. You can click the link in the message to view the progress of the job. Alternatively, you can view the progress on the Jobs (Monitor >Jobs) page.

    If the job is completed successfully, a confirmation message appears. This job might take up to 35 minutes to complete depending on the device type.

    You can download the log file from the Jobs page. To download the device log, click the [Download Logs] link next to the job name. The log file is saved in a compressed ( .gz) format with the rsi_site-name_JUNOS filename. Extract the file to view the details. For the NFX250 device, CSO generates separate RSI files for Juniper Device Manager (JDM), Junos Control Plane (JCP), and gateway router (GWR).


    CSO retains only one version of the log file. Each time you generate a log file, the previous version is overwritten.