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View the Configuration Deployed on Devices

In Customer Portal, for any configuration template, users with administrator or operator roles can view the configuration deployed on one more devices.


In CSO releases before Release 5.1.0, configuration templates are called stage-2 configuration templates.

To view the configuration deployed on one or more devices:

  1. Select Resources > Templates > Configuration Templates.

    The Configuration Templates page appears.

  2. Navigate to the Devices column of the configuration template for which you want to view the deployed configuration, and click the Number-of-devices link.

    The Device Configuration page appears.

    Table 1 explains the fields on this page.

  3. After you have viewed the deployed configurations, click OK.

    You are returned to the Configuration Templates page.

Table 1: Device Configuration Page Fields




The devices on which the configuration was deployed are displayed in a table. For each device, the following fields are displayed:

  • Device Name

  • Device Family

  • Operational Status, indicating whether the device is up or down.

  • Configuration State:

    • CREATED, indicating that the deployment hasn’t started.

    • DEPLOYED, indicating that the configuration was successfully deployed.

    • DEPLOYING, indicating that the deployment of the configuration is in progress.

    • DEPLOY_FAILED, indicating that the deployment of the configuration failed.

  • Deployment Date, indicating the date and time on which the deployment was triggered.

  • Job—Click the View logs link for a device to view the deployment history for that device. The Deployment History page appears displaying the number of jobs in progress, number of successful jobs, and number of failed jobs in addition to a table listing some details of the job. You can drill down further by clicking the Regional Log and Log links.

Device-Name Configuration

Select a device by clicking the check box corresponding to the row:

  • For each device on which the configuration deployed successfully, table, this pane displays the configuration that is deployed on the device.

  • For each device on which the configuration deployment is in progress, DEPLOYING is displayed.