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Viewing the Details of an Audit Log

Use the Audit Log Details pane to view details of an audit log.

To view the details of an audit log:

  1. Select Administration > Audit Logs.

    The Audit Logs page appears displaying the audit logs.

  2. Select the audit log for which you want to view details and click More > Details. Alternatively, mouse over the audit log, and click on the Detailed View icon.

    The Audit Log Details pane appears on the right side of the Audit Logs page. Table 1 provides descriptions of fields on the Audit Log Details pane.

  3. Click the close icon (X) to close the Audit Log Details pane.

    You are returned to the Audit Logs page.

Table 1: Fields on the Audit Log Details Pane





Displays the user who initiated the task.

User IP

Displays the IP address of the client from which the user initiated the task. For tasks that do not have an associated user IP address, this field is blank.



Displays the name of the task that triggered the audit log. For example, tenant.create, device.create, site.configure, site.provision, tenant.update, and so on.


Displays the status of the task that triggered the audit log:

  • Success—Job or task was completed successfully.

  • Failure—Job or task failed and was terminated.

  • Job Scheduled—Job is scheduled but has not yet started.

  • Recurring Job Scheduled—Recurring job is scheduled.


Displays details about the task.

Affected Objects

Object Name

Displays the name of the affected object on which the task was initiated. An affected object can be a tenant, site, device, device image, template, and so on.. Click the hyperlinked object name to view details of the object:


If the object is deleted or if you do not have permissions to view it, an error message is displayed.

Object UUID

Displays the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) of the affected object.

Log Info

Audit Log ID

Displays the automatically-generated unique ID of the audit log associated with the task.

Job ID

For tasks that have associated jobs, displays the ID of the job associated with the task.

You can click the job ID to go to the Jobs page, where you can view the status of the job.

End Time

Displays the date and time at which the task completed execution. This timestamp is stored in UTC time in the database, but is mapped to the local time zone of the client computer.

Raw Audit Log


Displays the name of the microservice that initiated the task.

Raw Audit Log

Displays all the fields of the audit log that are stored in the database. The raw audit log typically contains additional details or parameters associated with the audit log.