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Downloading a Signature Database

Users with the Service Provider (SP) Administrator role can use the Signature Download Settings page to specify the URL from which the signature database must be downloaded and trigger the download of the signature database. When you trigger a download, a job is created; and this job might take some time to complete. You can track the progress of the signature download job on the Jobs page.

To download the signature database:

  1. Select Administration > Signature Database.

    The Signature Database page appears.

  2. Click Signature Download Settings.

    The Signature Download Settings page appears.

  3. Enter the download settings according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.
  4. Click OK to save the changes:
    • If you specified that the signature database should be downloaded immediately, a Job Tasks page appears displaying information about the signature download job. Click OK to close this page and return to the Signature Database page.

    • If you scheduled the signature download for later, a job is created and you are returned to the Signature Database page. A confirmation message (with the job ID) is displayed at the top of the page.

Table 1: Fields on the Signature Download Settings Page



Download URL

Specifies the location of the Juniper hosted server from which the signature database is downloaded to the CSO server. The default download URL is To download signatures from this location, Internet connectivity must be available from CSO.

If Internet connectivity from CSO is not available, you can download the signatures from a local source such as your laptop or any other web server connected through the intranet to CSO. To do this, enter the location from which you want to download the signatures in the Download URL field.

For more information, see Download Locations for Signature Database.

Signature Version


This field is enabled only when you change the download URL from

Enter the numeric value of the signature database version. The value must only contain numbers and not have any special characters or negative values.


You can chose to download the signature database immediately or schedule the download for later.

  • Select Run now to automatically download the signature database immediately.

  • Select Schedule at a later time to download the signature database later and specify the date and time, as follows:

    • Click on the calendar icon to choose the date for the download.

    • Enter the time for the download. You can choose the 12 hour (AM or PM) or 24 hour format to specify the time by selecting the option from the drop-down list provided beside the time field.


    The time-zone is picked-up based on the time-zone specified when CSO is installed.