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Device Images Overview

An image management system provides full lifecycle management of images for all network devices, including CPE device and virtualized network function (VNF) images. A device image is a software installation package for the CPE device or an image for a virtual application that runs on the device. For example, for a NFX Series device platform, you require an NFX software image and a software image for the vSRX application that provides security functions and routing on the device. You install a VNF image on a CPE device.


In CSO Release 5.0.0, the software images are uploaded and managed by the Juniper Networks team that manages the cloud installation. If you need a device image or VNF that is not listed among the supported images, contact your Juniper Networks representative.

You can deploy device images or VNF images on a single device or simultaneously on multiple devices of the same family. CPE device images include software images for the NFX and SRX Series.

You can stage the image on a device, verify the checksum, and deploy the staged image using the Deploy option from the Images page. You can also schedule the staging, deployment, and validation of a device image.