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Add and Install (Push) Device Licenses

After a site is successfully provisioned, you must add the required device licenses into CSO, and then install the licenses on the device (that is associated with the site).

Starting in CSO Release 6.2.0, tenants can use a single license (golden license) to push the device licenses to all the physical SRX devices in its network.

To add and install device licenses:

  1. Add the device license file:

    Device license files can be added by the SP Administrator or OpCo Administrator (in Administration Portal) or by the Tenant Administrator (in Customer Portal).

    1. Select Administration > Device Licenses.

      The Device License Files page appears.

    2. Click the Add (+) icon.

      The Add License page appears.

    3. Configure the parameters as explained in Table 1.

      Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

    4. Click OK.

      CSO parses the license file, and verifies whether the license file format is valid. If the format is valid, CSO adds the license file, and returns you to the Device License Files page.

    If needed, you can add additional device license files.

  2. Install (push) the license to the device:
    1. Select the device license file that you want to push to the device.
    2. Click Push License, and select Push.

      The Push License page appears, displaying the sites and devices to which the license can be pushed.

    3. Select one or more devices to which you want to push the license, and click OK.

      CSO initiates a job to push the license to the device and displays a confirmation message. After the job completes successfully, the license is pushed to the device. You can view the status of the job on the Jobs page (Monitor > Jobs).

Table 1: Add License Page Settings



License File

Click Browse to select the license file, and click Open.

The License File field displays the license file that you selected.


A license file can contain only one license key.



This field is displayed only if you’re adding a license in Administration Portal.

  • If you’re an SP Administrator user, this field displays Global, which means that the license file can be used by all tenants added by the SP Administrator.

  • If you’re an OpCo Administrator user, select the tenant with which you want to associate the license file. When a device is activated during ZTP, the license is downloaded to the device. Licenses associated with a tenant can be applied only to devices that belong to that tenant.


Enter a description for the license file.

The next step after installing device licenses is to install the signature database on the device. See Install the Signature Database on Devices.