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Copying a Device Image to Alternate Partition


Applicable only to SRX380, SRX345, SRX340, SRX320, and SRX300.

An SRX Series Firewall has a primary and a backup partition. When you deploy a device image on an SRX Series Firewall using the deploy image workflow, only the primary partition is updated by default. You can copy the same Junos version and the device configuration to the alternate (secondary) partition separately. Keeping the two workflows separate ensures that you always have a backup partition to boot the system from in case the deployed software malfunctions.

You can update the alternate partition by using one of the following methods:

  • By selecting the Snapshot Alternate Partition option on the image deployment page in the Contrail Service Orchestration Administration Portal (path: Resource > Images > Deploy). For more information on the image deployment workflow, see Deploying Device Images to Devices in Contrail Service Orchestration Administration Portal User Guide.
  • From the device list in the Contrail Service Orchestration Customer Portal as described in the procedure below:

To update the alternate partition from the list of devices:

  1. Select Resources > Devices.
    The Devices page opens.
  2. Select a device from the list of devices displayed and click More > Snapshot Alternate Partition.
    This action triggers a job to copy the software image and device configuration from the primary partition to the alternate partition.