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Start a Network Service

You can start or instantiate a network service for a site from the Site-Name page in Customer Portal.


Ensure that the Service Provider (SP) or Operating company (OpCo) administrator user allocates at least one network service to you from the Administration Portal.

To instantiate a network service:

  1. Click Resources > Site Management.

    The Site Management Page appears.

  2. Click the Site-Name link for which you want to instantiate a network service.

    The Site-Name page appears.

  3. Select the Services tab.

    The Services topology graphic appears. The Deploy Network Services pane appears on the right listing all the available network services for the site.


    When you select a network service, on the Deploy Network Services pane, you can view the network service description, service type, version, and timestamp of its last update.

  4. Do one the following:
    • Select a network service from the Deploy Network Services pane. On selecting the service, the eligible attachment points are highlighted in green on the topology graphic. Select the required attachment point.

    • Drag and drop the network service you want to instantiate, from the Deploy Network Services pane to the attachment point on the topology graphic.

    The Configure Network Service page appears.

  5. Configure the parameters displayed based on the type of network service selected.
  6. Click OK.

    A confirmation message is displayed stating that the operation was successful and the topology graphic is updated with the selected network service.

  7. Click Start Service.

    A confirmation message appears stating that the network service is successfully instantiated and you are returned to the Services page.

    The attachment point you selected on the topology graphic is updated with the instantiated network service.