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Detaching Cloud Breakout Settings from Sites

You must detach the cloud breakout settings from one or more sites (by using the Detach Cloud Breakout From Sites page) before editing or deleting the cloud breakout settings.

To detach one or more sites from a cloud breakout profile:

  1. Select Configuration > SD-WAN > Breakout Profiles.

    The Breakout Profiles page appears.

  2. On the Cloud Breakout Settings tab, select a cloud breakout profile and click Detach Sites.

    The Detach Cloud Breakout From Sites page appears displaying the name of the cloud breakout setting and the existing sites to which the setting was assigned.

  3. In the Sites field, select one or more sites in the Available column and click the right arrow icon to move the selected sites to the Selected column. You can also use the search icon on the top right of each column to search for sites.

    Alternatively, if you want to remove the selected sites, select one or more sites in the Selected column and click the left arrow icon to move the selected sites back to the Available column.


    You must select at least one site before proceeding to the next step.

  4. Click Save.

    A job is created and you are returned to the Breakout Profiles page (Cloud Breakout Settings tab). After successful completion of the job, the names of the sites to which the settings are detached are removed from the Sites column of the cloud breakout settings tab.