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Configure an SRX Series CPE to Discover an EX Series Switch or AP Connected to the CPE

Starting in Release 6.0.0, you can use Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO) to discover an EX Series switch that is connected to an SRX Series Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) functioning as a secure SD-WAN router or a firewall device. You can also access the Juniper Mist page to view the details of the discovered EX Series switch, or access point (AP).

The switch and the CPE can be connected through a trunk port. However, you can also use two or more trunk ports to connect the CPE and the switch and combine those ports to form a Link Aggregation Group (LAG) for higher throughput and redundancy. You can manage the switch through in-band management, where, the trunk ports carry the management traffic in addition to data.

This feature is also supported by vSRX Virtual Firewall with Junos OS Release 20.3R1 or later.


You can configure CSO to discover a switch connected to a CPE on provisioned sites only.

To discover a switch (or AP) connected to a CPE, and view its details on Juniper Mist:

  1. (Optional) Create a LAG interface if you want to use a LAG interface to connect the CPE to the switch. See Create LAG Interface for details.

  2. Create and use a redundant Ethernet (reth) interface to connect the SRX Series CPE devices to an EX series switch (applicable only to dual CPE deployments). See Create a RETH Interface for details.

  3. Enable LLDP on the CPE port. This step enables the CSO to discover the EX Series switch connected to the SRX Series CPE. See Enable LLDP on a CPE Interface for details.

  4. Create management connectivity between the CPE and the switch. See Create Management Connectivity Between a CPE and a Switch for details.

  5. Discover the EX Series switch or an access point (AP) configured behind a CPE. See Discover an EX Series Switch or APs Configured Behind a CPE for details.

  6. Cross launch to the Juniper Mist platform to view the details of an EX Series switch, or an AP that are added in the Juniper Mist Platform. See View an EX Series Switch or an AP on Mist for details.

You can also view the SRX CPE details on the Juniper Mist platform (if the CPE is added to Juniper Mist). See View an SRX Series CPE on Juniper Mist for details.