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Manually Adding Branch Sites

Starting from CSO Release 6.0.0, the branch site creation workflow is simplified by making the provisioning of services optional during the onboarding process. You can configure the services during the site creation or add the services later.

A branch site can be added with either SD-WAN or security services. For more information about adding a branch site with the following capabilities:

To add a branch site without a service, see Add Branch or Enterprise Hub Sites Without Provisioning a Service.

Prerequisites to add a branch site are as follows:

  • Ensure that the following ports are open in the network:

    • DNS Port 53

    • IPSEC-AH (IP Protocol 51)

    • IPSEC-ESP (IP Protocol 50)

    • NTP Port 123

    • UDP Ports 500 and 4500

  • For an SRX cluster, ensure that the cluster is configured (physical cabling and cluster configuration) before onboarding the devices.

  • For Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), ensure that the device can connect to the redirect server ( by using the ping command.