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About the Site Templates Page

To access this page, click Resources > Templates > Site Templates.

You can use the Site Templates page to add site templates, edit, clone, delete, and view existing site templates.

A site template enables you to specify values for many of the attributes used to add a site. You can then use the site template to add multiple sites that share the same set of values (for attributes already specified in the site template) and only specify values for site-specific attributes.

Site templates are available only for branch sites.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

  • Add a site template. See Adding a Site Template

  • Edit, clone, or delete site templates. See Cloning, Editing, and Deleting Site Templates.

  • View site template details. The site templates are displayed in card format. For each site template you can view the following details:

    • Template name

    • Published by

    • Capability type

    • Number of devices attached

    • Number of WAN links, if applicable

    • Number of sites that the device template is attached to

    • Date and time that the template was last updated