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About the Monitor Overview Page

To access this page, click Monitor > Overview.

You can use the Monitor Overview page to view information about the alarms and alerts for tenants, network services, connections, and sites on a geographical map. The network operator views the alarms and alerts, and then takes the necessary actions to resolve the issues.

You can also view the visual representation of the hub and link failure on this page.

  • Hub Failure —The hub and the link connected to the hub appear in red color.

  • Link Failure — The link connected to the hub appears in red color. However, the hub remains active and appears in green color.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

  • View branch site details.

  • View on-premise hub site details.

  • View cloud spoke sites.

  • View provider hub sites.

  • View multiple sites.

Field Descriptions

Table 1 shows the descriptions of the fields on the Monitor Overview page.

Table 1: Fields on the Monitor Overview Page




View the sites at which the service is deployed.

Click the Sites drop-down list and select Show sites


View the connections in the network.

Click the Connections drop-down list and select Show connections.

Only the node with alerts

View the nodes with issues with the service.

Click the drop-down list located next to the Only the nodes with alerts check box and select the type of alerts.

  • Critical—Issues that prevent the node from working and require action from the operator. The nodes with critical alerts are displayed in red.

  • Major—Issues that prevent the node from working at this time, but they do not require action from the operator. The nodes with major alerts are displayed in orange.

  • Minor—Issues that allow a node to continue working, but not optimally. The network operator may need to take action to resolve the issue. The nodes with minor alerts are displayed in yellow.


The nodes without any alerts are displayed in blue.