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Edit Tenant Parameters

You, as an SP administrator or OpCo administrator, can modify the parameters configured for a tenant from the Tenants page.

To modify the parameters configured for a tenant:

  1. Select Tenants.

    The Tenants page appears.

  2. Select the tenant whose parameters you want to modify and click the Edit icon (pencil).

    The Edit Tenant page appears, displaying the same fields that are presented when you add a tenant.

  3. Modify the tenant parameters as needed. For more information on these parameters, see Adding a Single Tenant.
  4. Click Save to save the changes or click Cancel to discard the changes.

    If you click Save, the changes that you made for the tenant are saved.

    Subsequently, a tenant edit job is triggered and a confirmation message, indicating that a tenant edit job is created successfully, appears on the Tenant Settings page.

  5. (Optional) You can click the job name in the message to view details of the job (including job status, start date and time, and end date and time) on the Update tenant settings Details page. Alternatively, you can view the status of the job on the Jobs (Monitor > Jobs) page.

    If the job is completed successfully, a confirmation message appears on top of the Tenants page.

Table 1 describes the tenant parameters that you can modify.

Table 1: Tenant parameters

Tenant Capability

Tenant Parameters

Tenant Info

Basic Information


You cannot modify the name of the tenant.

Password Policy

Password Expiration Days

You can edit the duration after which the password expires. Any change to this parameter impacts existing and new users of the tenant.

Deployment Info

Services for Tenant

You can add or remove one or more services for the tenant.


The changes are applied to newly-added sites only.

Service Level


This field appears only if you have selected the SD-WAN in the Services for Tenant field.

This field is read-only if the tenant is using the Secure SD-WAN Advanced service. However, if the tenant is using the Secure SD-WAN Essentials service, you can upgrade the service level to Advanced by selecting the Advanced option.

Tenant Properties

Tenant with SD-WAN capability

You can modify the following parameters only before SD-WAN sites are added by the tenant:

  • SSL Settings

  • VPN authentication


    If PKI Certificate is configured as the authentication type during tenant onboarding, you can modify the PKI properties (CA Server URL, Password, CRL Server, and Auto Renew) even after SD-WAN sites are added by the tenant.

  • Overlay Tunnel Encryption

  • Network Segmentation

You can modify the following parameters even after SD-WAN sites are added by the tenant:

  • Dynamic Mesh > Threshold for Creating a Tunnel and Threshold for Deleting a Tunnel

  • Cloud Breakout Settings

  • Tenant-Specific Attributes

Tenant with Security Services

Tenant-Specific Attributes