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Uploading a Device Image

On the Images page, you can upload image files for CPE and VNF devices. You can also add some metadata about the device image file that you upload to the device.


The image being uploaded must use the same image name as the published image. Image upgrade might fail if the image name and details are changed.

To upload a device image for the device:

  1. Click Resources > Images.

    The Images page appears.

  2. Click the add icon (+).

    The Upload Image page appears.

  3. Enter the required details in the fields on the Upload Image page. See the field descriptions in Table 1.
  4. Click Upload. If you want to discard the upload device image process, click Abort instead.

    The Upload Image page displays the progress of the image upload.

  5. Click OK to save the changes.

    You are returned to the Images page.

Table 1: Fields on the Upload Device Image Page




Specify the filename for the device image that you are uploading.

Example: juniper_nfx_250_v1_img.tgz

You must use the following filename format for device images of VNFs as listed below:

  • Riverbed—riverbed-img

  • vSRX—vsrx-vmdisk-15.1.qcow2

  • NFX—juniper_nfx_1.5_img.tgz

Image Type

Specify the type of device image.

  • Device Image—Software image for the physical device (CPE).

  • VNF Image—Software image for the virtual device (VNF).

  • VNF Script—Provision script for the VNF image.

  • EMS Plugin Package—EMS plugin package to support a new device family.

  • Device Extension Package—Extension software package that can be installed on the device.

  • Boot Config Image—Boot configuration ISO image that can be used to boot up the VNF or virtual device.

  • Telemetry Agent Package—Installable package containing telemetry agent to run on a device. For example, NFX.


  • VNFM Plugin Package—Installable package containing VNF Manager (VNFM) plugin specific to a certain set of VNFs.


Enter a description of the device image.

File Location

Click Browse to navigate to the file location in your local system and select an image file to upload.


Specify the vendor name of the device.

Example: Juniper Networks.


Specify the name of the device family.

Example: NFX

Supported Platform

Specify the platform supported by the device image.

Example: NFX250

Major Version Number

Specify the major version of the device image.

Example: 12

Minor Version Number

Specify the minor version of the device image.

Example: 1

Build Number

Specify the build name of the device image.

Example: X53-D102.2