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Upgrade a Provider Hub Device

A provider hub is a multitenant device that can be upgraded by Service Provider (SP) Administrators or Operating Company (OpCo) Administrators. We recommend that you upgrade provider hubs when a new CSO version is released so that, the device functionality can be updated. To find out if an upgrade is required, check the provider hub version (displayed in the Version field of the Provider Hub Devices page) against the CSO version (displayed in the About panel that you can access through the Help (?) menu). If the version of a provider hub device is not the same as the CSO version, then the provider hub device needs to be upgraded. Provider hub devices of any version can be upgraded to the latest CSO version.

Users with the Service Provider (SP) Administrator or Operating Company (OpCo) Administrator roles can upgrade provider hub devices that they previously added.

To upgrade a provider hub device:

  1. In Administration Portal, select Resources > Provider Hub Devices.

    The Provider Hub Device page appears.

  2. Select a provider hub device, and click More > Upgrade.

    You can upgrade only one provider hub device at a time.

    An Upgrade Provider Hub Device: Device-Name dialog box appears and CSO analyzes if an upgrade job is required.

  3. Click OK when the job analysis dialog box shows 100 percent.

    The Upgrade Provider Hub Device: Device-Name page appears displaying the following information:

    • Impact of the upgrading the provider hub device, such as upgrade of software image of the physical device (device image), changes in configuration or network services.


      When you upgrade provider hub devices in CSO, the Junos OS in the device is also upgraded to the recommended version.

    • Impacted sites in each tenant.

    • Estimated time needed to upgrade the provider hub device.

  4. From the Upgrade Time field, select one of the following:
    • Run now to start the upgrade for the provider hub device immediately.

    • Schedule at a later time to schedule an upgrade and enter the date and time at which to schedule the upgrade.

  5. Click Upgrade.

CSO triggers an upgrade job and displays a confirmation message with a job ID link. You are returned to the Provider Hub Devices page. You can click the link in the message to view the details of the job. Alternatively, you can check the status of the job on the Jobs (Monitor > Jobs) page.

When the provider hub device is upgraded successfully, the version number of the provider hub device matches the CSO version and the management status is set to Provisioned.