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Tenant Overview

In Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO), a tenant is a logical representation of a customer. Tenants enable the separation and isolation of resources (such as sites) and traffic of different customers from one another.

If you are an SP administrator or an OpCo administrator you can add tenants (customer) in the Administration Portal and assign administrative users that represent the staff in the customer’s organization and the geographical locations in the customer’s network. You also use Administration Portal to allocate network service profiles to customers.

A tenant represents an enterprise customer who accesses virtualized network functions (VNFs) in a service provider’s or an OpCo’s cloud through a Layer 3 VPN. Typically an enterprise customer with many branches (sites) subscribe to the offerings provided by the service provider. Sites are provisioned within a tenant. One tenant cannot see the sites or assets of another tenant. The enterprise customer can view, configure, and manage tenant sites through the Customer Portal.