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Getting Started with JET

Configure JET Interaction with Linux OS

In cRPD, JET service is enabled on TCP port 40051 and binds to loopback address or ::1. To access JET service remotely, set up the SSH tunneling into the cRPD container using either username and password or SSH keys.

Remote access to JET service is secured using SSH. For more information on enabling SSH using port forwarding, see Establishing an SSH Connection for a NETCONF Session and cRPD.

The maximum number of JET connections supported is 512.

Maximum Number of JET Connections

To setup maximum number of JET connections:

  1. Access the cRPD Linux shell.
  2. Use the command to add the connections:

    root@crpd1:~# ulimit -n 519

  3. Restart ssh on cRPD.

    /etc/init.d/ssh restart

  4. Re-establish ssh tunnel from Host Ubuntu to cRPD.
  5. Connect up to 512 simultaneous JET Connections.

Compile IDL Files

To download and compile the IDL files:

  1. Download the IDL file from the Juniper Networks website at
  2. Unpack the IDL file.

    For example:

  3. Compile python and gRPC modules for Authentication and Management Service proto files.

    For example:

For details on how to generate code from an IDL file in the language of your choice, see