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Upgrading cRPD

Upgrade Software

You can upgrade cRPD software by launching a new container using the newer image and attaching the persistent config volumes. Separate volumes are used to store config and logs. They are persistent even after the cRPD is stopped.


cRPD does not support in place software upgrade.

To upgrade cRPD:

  1. Ensure to import the latest cRPD image. See Installing cRPD on Docker.
  2. Load the cRPD software image.

    root@crpd01:~# docker load -i junos-routing-crpd-docker-20.4R1.12.tgz

  3. Stop the existing container.

    docker stop crpd01

  4. Run the container using latest version of cRPD.

    docker run --rm --detach --name crpd01 -h crpd01 --privileged -v crpd01-config:/config -v crpd01-varlog:/var/log -m 2048MB --memory-swap=2048MB -it crpd:20.4R1.12

  5. Enter in to the configuration mode.

    root@crpd01:~# docker exec -it crpd01 cli

    root@crpd01> show version