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Installing and Configuring cRPD on SONiC

This section describes on how to load and configure cRPD as a routing stack on Juniper Networks' QFX5210 and QFX5200 switches running Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC) network operating system.

To install SONiC on QFX5210 and QFX5200 switches, see Install and Upgrade SONiC on Juniper Networks QFX5210 and QFX5200 Switches

How to Load and Start cRPD on SONiC

To load the cRPD package on SONiC, you need to:

  • Download the cRPD package from Juniper’s software downloads page at The cRPD package file name for example is junos-routing-crpd-docker-20.3R1.8.tgz

    Transfer the cRPD package to your QFX5210 or QFX5200 switches using scp or sftp file transfer protocol.

The following sections explain how to load and start cRPD on SONiC for QFX5210 or QFX5200 switches:

Load the cRPD Image into Docker

To load the cRPD image into docker, use the docker load -i junos-routing-crpd-docker-20.3R1.8.tgz command as shown below:

Verify that cRPD Image is Properly Loaded

To verify if the cRPD image is properly loaded, use the docker images command as shown below:

Create and Start the cRPD Container

This section describes how to create, start, and access the cRPD container.

To create the cRPD container, use the docker create --name crpd -h crpd --net=host --privileged -it crpd:20.3R1.8 b7444647abb7977e0b7eaa884ace8b47bab3632ff2f3f67091d9734a58fa686b command as shown below:

You need to stop zebra and bgpd daemons on the BGP container by running the docker exec bgp supervisorctl stop zebra bgpd command as shown below:

To start the cRPD container, use the docker start crpd command as shown below:

To access the cRPD container, use the docker exec -it crpd command as shown below:

Enable RPD connection to fpmsyncd

To enable RPD connection to fpmsyncd, you need to enter the configuration mode and enable fib-agent at the [edit routing-options forwarding-table] hierarchy level as shown below:

Once cRPD is up and running, you can configure BGP from the cRPD CLI. The following is a sample BGP configuration: