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System Log Receiver in Contrail Analytics


The contrail-collector process on the Contrail Analytics node can act as a system log receiver.

Redirecting System Logs to Contrail Collector

You can enable the contrail-collector to receive system logs by giving a valid syslog_port as a command line option:

--DEFAULT.syslog_port <arg>

or by adding syslog_port in the DEFAULT section​ of the configuration file at /etc/contrail/contrail-collector.conf .

For nodes to send system logs to the contrail-collector, the system log configuration for the node should be set up to direct the system logs to contrail-collector.


Add the following line in /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf on an Ubuntu system to redirect the system logs to contrail-collector.

The logs can be retrieved by using Contrail tool, either by using the contrail-logs utility on the analytics node or by using the Contrail user interface on the system log query page.

Exporting Logs from Contrail Analytics

You can also export logs stored in Contrail analytics to another system log receiver by using the contrail-logs utility.

The contrail-logs utility can take these options: --send-syslog, --syslog-server, --syslog-port, to query Contrail analytics, then send the results as system logs to a system log server. This is an on-demand command, one can write a cron job or a job that continuously invokes contrail-logs to achieve continuous sending of logs to another system log server.