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Creating a Virtual Network with OpenStack Contrail

Contrail makes creating a virtual network very easy for you. You create networks and network policies at the user dashboard, then associate policies with each network. The following procedure shows how to create a virtual network when using OpenStack.

  1. To create a virtual network when using OpenStack Contrail, select Project > Other > Networking. The Networks window is displayed. See Figure 1.
    Figure 1: Networks WindowNetworks Window
  2. Verify that the correct project is displayed in the Current Project box, then click Create Network. The Create Network window is displayed. See Figure 2 and Figure 3.
    Figure 2: Create Network WindowCreate Network Window
    Figure 3: Create Network Window Subnet TabCreate Network Window Subnet Tab
  3. Click the Network, Subnet, Subnet Detail, and Associate Network Policies tabs to complete the fields in the Create Network window. See field descriptions in Table 1.
    Table 1: Create Network Fields



    Network Name

    Enter a name for the network.

    Subnet Name

    Enter a name for the subnetwork.


    Select the IPAM associated with the IP block.

    For new projects, an IPAM can be added while creating the virtual network. VM instances created in this virtual network are assigned an address from this address block automatically by the system when a VM is launched.

    Network Address

    Enter the network address in CIDR format.

    IP Version*

    Select IPv4 or IPv6.

    Gateway IP

    Optionally, enter an explicit gateway IP address for the IP address block. Check the Disable Gateway box if no gateway is to be used.

    Network Policy

    Any policies already created are listed. To select a policy, click the check box for the policy.

  4. Click the Subnet Details tab to specify the Allocation Pool, DNS Name Servers, and Host Routes.
  5. Click the Associate Network Policies tab to associate policies to the network.
  6. To save your network, click Create Network, or click Cancel to discard your work and start over.