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Creating a Floating IP Address Pool

A floating IP address is an IP address (typically public) that can be dynamically assigned to a running virtual instance.

To configure floating IP address pools in project networks in Contrail, then allocate floating IP addresses from the pool to virtual machine instances in other virtual networks:

  1. Select Configure > Networking > Networks; see Figure 1. Make sure your project is the active project in the upper right.
    Figure 1: Configure > Networking > Networks Configure > Networking > Networks
  2. Click the network you want to associate with a floating IP pool, then in the Action column, click the action icon and select Edit.

    The Edit Network window for the selected network is displayed; see Figure 2.

    Figure 2: Edit NetworkEdit Network
  3. In the Floating IP Pools section, click the Pool Name field, enter a name for your floating IP pool, and click the + (plus sign) to add the IP pool to the table below the field.
    • Multiple floating IP pools can be created at the same time.

    • A floating IP pool can be associated with multiple projects.

  4. Click Save to create the floating IP address pool, or click Cancel to remove your work and start over.