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Installing the Operating System and Contrail Packages

Install the stock CentOS or Ubuntu operating system image appropriate for your version of Contrail onto the server. See Supported Platforms Contrail 4.0.x or Supported Platforms Contrail 4.1. Then install Contrail packages separately.

The following are general guidelines for installing the operating system and preparing to install Contrail.

  1. Install a CentOS or Ubuntu minimal distribution as desired on all servers. Typically, for CentOS this is a basic ISO install; for Ubuntu, use a core server install, with only OpenSSH and no other packages. Follow the published operating system installation procedure for the selected operating system; refer to the website for the operating system.
  2. Install Contrail Server Manager, see Installing Server Manager.
  3. Create an image.json with the Ubuntu or CentOS image to be used to reimage the target server.

    Sample JSON Snippet

  4. Use Server Manager to add the image.json, to be used for reimaging. 

    server-manager add image –f image.json