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Installing and Using Server Manager Lite

This topic describes how to install and troubleshoot Server Manager Lite.

Server Manager Lite Overview

Server Manager Lite (SM-Lite), is a streamlined version of the Server Manager software that does not include the reimage function.

SM-Lite supports the Server Manager functions of provisioning, monitoring, inventory, and WebUI. SM-Lite is intended to replace fab command provisioning. It allows easy deployment of Contrail provisioning and enables developers to work in isolated environments for Contrail provisioning.

SM-Lite eliminates installation and configuration of DHCP, DNS, and Cobbler services. Additionally, SM-Lite installation setup scripts are enhanced to reduce installation time.

SM-Lite provides a single command to install SM-Lite and provision a Contrail cluster.

SM-Lite introduces additional capabilities into Server Manager. The SM-Lite package is part of the Contrail Server Manager installer Debian package (contrail-server-manager-installer_<version string>.deb).

SM-Lite works with or without having a separate node for the SM-Lite installation, it can be installed on any Contrail node, but it is recommended to install it on the config node.

SM-Lite preserves the existing Server Manager WebUI functionality and it can be run on the same node as the Contrail WebUI. Because of that, the default port for the Server Manager WebUI has been changed to port 9080.

It is important to note that the code base used for SM-Lite and Server Manager is common. Therefore, any changes or enhancements made to Server Manager provisioning functionality are automatically available in the SM-Lite software.

Installing Server Manager Lite

The SM-Lite package is included as part of the Server Manager installer package.

The installer package also has other packages such as Server Manager, Server Manager client, Server Manager WebUI, and Server Manager inventory. Before provisioning commands can be executed using SM-Lite, you need to install the Server Manager installer package.

Use the following command to install the Server Manager installer package.

After the Server Manager installer package is installed, all necessary Server Manager packages, scripts, and so on are made available on the server where it is installed. You can then start using Server Manager Lite commands.

Provisioning Using SM-Lite with Contrail 4.0

For Contrail 4.0, to provision the target systems, use the script.

The script performs the following functions:

  1. Installs SM-Lite.

    Uses the installation script with the -smlite option to install the SM-Lite package (contrail-server-manager-lite_<version-sku>_all.deb) and all other needed packages on the system.

  2. Prepares the cluster for Contrail provisioning.

    Translates the parameters in the file into Server Manager objects and stores them in the Server Manager database. This specifies the servers in the cluster and the configuration parameters. The cluster-id value is used, if it is specified.

  3. Performs a pre-check on the target systems to ensure that they are ready for running provisioning. SM-Lite uses from the Contrail package to provision the Contrail cluster.

  4. This step issues provisioning commands for the cluster with the given Contrail package.

Server Manager Lite can be installed on any node. We recommend that you install it on the config node. Server Manager Lite can be installed on a separate node other than the Contrail cluster nodes.

The Server Manager WebUI default port is 9080. You can change the port by editing the /etc/contrail/ file, and then restarting the supervisor-webui-sm process.

Displaying the Cluster Status

The server-manager cluster -detail command displays the provisioning status of a cluster by role and by role progress.

Use the server-manager status server command to display the current status of the servers.

Displaying the SM-Lite Installation and Provisioning Log Files

Log files that provide information during installation and use of SM-Lite software are available at:

  • /var/log/contrail/install_logs/install_<timestamp>.log (SM-Lite install)

  • /var/log/contrail/install_logs/provision_<timestamp>.log (provisioning command logs)

  • testbed_parser.log and preconfig.log

Contrail Provisioning Log Files

For each Puppet run, log files are automatically uploaded to the Server Manager at the following locations:

  • http:<sm-lite-ip-address>/logs

  • /var/log/contrail_server_manager/<target>/<timestamp>.log

  • /var/log/contrail/*

You can also display the status of the processes and services using the contrail-status command.