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Selective Onboarding of a Device

In this procedure, we will add a leaf device to the DC2 data center fabric.

To onboard a device:

  1. Select Fabrics, and then select the fabric to which you want to add the leaf device.
  2. Select Action > Brownfield Wizard.

    The device configuration screen appears.

  3. Fill in the following fields and click Next..


    Value Used in This Example



    Overlay ASN (IBGP)


    Node Profiles

    Default, which selects all device types

    VLAN-ID Fabric-Wide Significance

    Box is checked

    Device credentials

    Username: lab

    Password: ******

    Management subnets


  4. Click Next and then click Finish.

    The device discovery process begins.

  5. Configure CRB-Access as the role for the leaf device.
  6. Click Assign.
  7. Click AutoConfigure.