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New and Changed Features

The features listed in this section are new or changed as of Contrail Networking Release 21.4.L1. A brief description of each new feature is included.

New and Changed Features in Contrail Networking Release 21.4.L1

Support to Apply Import Routing Policies to MP-BGP Routes

Starting in Contrail Networking Release 21.4.L1, you can use Contrail Networking to apply import routing policies to MP-BGP routes only. This enhancement allows routing policies to match routes from MP-BGP traffic from the MPLS backbone network without also matching routes from BGPaaS. This enhancement works by changing how a routing policy identifies routes when the protocol in the routing policy is set as BGP.

For additional information, see Routing Policy.

Remote Compute Enhancements in Contrail Command

Starting in Contrail Networking Release 21.4.L1, you can better monitor and configure BGP Routers and vRouters associated with remote compute routing clusters in the Contrail Command graphical user interface.

For more information on these enhancements, see the Monitoring and Configuring BGP Routers for Remote Compute in Contrail Command and Viewing the Virtual Router Connected to Remote Compute Clusters in Contrail Command sections inRemote Compute.

New and Changed Features in Contrail Networking Release 21.4

Support for Automatically Deploying Remote Compute Using RHOSP/TripleO

Starting in Contrail Networking 21.4, you can deploy remote compute automatically using RHOSP/TripleO for edge use cases.

For more information, see Remote Compute.

Graceful Restart or Long-Lived Graceful Restart Support for a EVPN Type 2 Route

Starting in Contrail Networking Release 21.4, the graceful restart or long-lived graceful restart features support the EVPN Type 2 routes to resume the sessions and relearn the routes, reducing overall network impact.

For more information, see Configuring Graceful Restart and Long-lived Graceful Restart.

UBI 8 Support for Contrail Container Images

Starting in Contrail Release 21.4, the Red Hat Universal Base Image 8 (ubi8) is used as the base for Contrail container images.

For more information, see Understanding Contrail Containers.

Upgrade Contrail Software

Starting in Contrail Networking Release 21.4, you can upgrade Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) from RHOSP 13 or RHOSP 16.1 to RHOSP 16.2 by leveraging Red Hat Fast Forward Upgrade (FFU) procedure while simultaneously upgrading Contrail Networking from Release 1912.L4 or 2011.L3 to Release 21.4.

For more information, see Upgrading Contrail Networking Release 1912.L4 or 2011.L3 with RHOSP 13 or RHOSP 16.1 to Contrail Networking Release 21.4 with RHOSP 16.2.

Support for Hosts using Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) in Red Hat OpenStack 16 Environments

Starting in Contrail Networking Release 21.4, Contrail Networking has been enhanced to operate in Red Hat OpenStack 16 environments with hosts using Red Hat Virtualization (RHV).

For more information, see the Setting Up the Infrastructure (Contrail Networking Release 21.4 or Later) in the Using Contrail Networking with OpenStack section of the Contrail Networking Installation and Upgrade Guide.