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Updating Contrail Networking Containers Without Updating OpenStack

In Contrail Networking Release 21.4, you have the option to upgrade your Contrail containers without updating OpenStack. This document provides the steps to complete this upgrade.


This upgrade procedure is not applicable to Contrail Networking Release 21.4.L1 and thereafter.

If you want to upgrade Contrail Networking and OpenStack in the same procedure, see Updating Contrail Networking Release 21.4 with Openstack 16.2 to Contrail Networking Release 21.4.L1 with Openstack 16.2.3 using the Zero Impact Upgrade Process.

When to Use This Procedure

This procedure is used to upgrade Contrail Networking when it is running in environments using RHOSP version 16.2 (RHOSP16.2). RHOSP16.2 is not updated during this procedure.

The procedure in this document has been validated for the following Contrail Networking upgrade scenarios:

Table 1: Contrail Networking with RHOSP 16.2 Validated Upgrade Scenarios

Starting Releases

Target Releases

Contrail Networking: 21.4Red Hat OpenStack: 16.2Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL): 8.4

Contrail Networking: 21.4.L1Red Hat OpenStack: 16.2Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL): 8.4


This document makes the following assumptions about your environment:

  • A Contrail Networking deployment using Red Hat Openstack version 16.2 (RHOSP16.2) as the orchestration platform is already operational.

  • The overcloud nodes in the RHOSP16.2 environment have an enabled Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) subscription.

  • Your environment is running Contrail Networking Release 21.4 and upgrading to Contrail Networking Release 21.4.L1 or later.

Before You Begin

Before starting the update, it is recommended to perform the following procedures.

Updating Contrail Networking

To update the Contrail Networking version in an environment that is using Red Hat Openstack 16.2 without updating Red Hat OpenStack:

  1. Register your nodes with the Contrail Networking Release 21.4 satellite key.
  2. Prepare your container registry. The registry is often included in the undercloud, but it can also be a separate node.
  3. Backup the Contrail TripleO Heat Templates. See Using the Contrail Heat Template.
  4. Get the Contrail TripleO Heat Templates (stable/queens branch) from

    Prepare the new tripleo-heat-templates with latest available software from Openstack and Contrail Networking.

  5. Update the parameter ContrailImageTag to the new version.

    The location of the ContrailImageTag variable varies by environment. In the most commonly-used environments, this variable is set in the contrail-services.yaml file.

    You can obtain the ContrailImageTag parameter from the README Access to Contrail Registry 21XX.


    If you are using the undercloud as a registry, ensure the new contrail image is updated in undercloud before proceeding further.

  6. Update the overcloud by entering the openstack overcloud update prepare command and include the files that were updated during the previous steps with the overcloud update.


  7. If you haven’t already migrated the workloads, migrate the workloads now.
  8. Upgrade the Contrail controllers:


  9. Upgrade the Openstack controller node:
  10. Upgrade the Contrail compute nodes:
  11. Enter the openstack overcloud update converge command.


    The Contrail containers should be up and running after this convergence operation is completed.

  12. Confirm that the Contrail containers are up and running.

    There are many methods of performing this step. In this provided example, the contrail-status and podman ps commands are entered on a compute node to verify the Contrail containers on a compute node: