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Understanding Contrail Containers

Some subsystems of Contrail Networking solution are delivered as Docker containers.

Contrail Containers

The following are key features of the new architecture of Contrail containers:

  • All of the Contrail containers are multiprocess Docker containers.

  • Each container has an INI-based configuration file that has the configurations for all of the applications running in that container.

  • Each container is self-contained, with minimal external orchestration needs.

  • A single tool, Ansible, is used for all levels of building, deploying, and provisioning the containers. The Ansible code for the Contrail system is named contrail-ansible and kept in a separate repository. The Contrail Ansible code is responsible for all aspects of Contrail container build, deployment, and basic container orchestration.


    Starting in Contrail Release 21.4, the Red Hat Universal Base Image 8 (ubi8) is used as the base for Contrail container images.