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Analytics Scalability

The Contrail monitoring and analytics services (collector role) collect and store data generated by various system components and provide the data to the Contrail interface by means of representational state transfer (REST) application program interface (API) queries.

The Contrail components are horizontally scalable to ensure consistent performance as the system grows. Scalability is provided for the generator components (control and compute roles) and for the REST API users (webui role).

This section provides a brief description of the recommended configuration of analytics in Contrail to achieve horizontal scalability.

The following is the recommended locations for the various component roles of the Contrail system for a 5-node configuration.

  • Node 1 —config role, web-ui role

  • Node 2 —control role, analytics role, database role

  • Node 3 —control role, analytics role, database role

  • Node 4 —compute role

  • Node 5 —compute role

Figure 1 illustrates scalable connections for analytics in a 5-node system, with the nodes configured for roles as recommended above. The analytics load is distributed between the two analytics nodes. This configuration can be extended to any number of analytics nodes.

Figure 1: Analytics ScalabilityAnalytics Scalability

The analytics nodes collect and store data and provide this data through various REST API queries. Scalability is provided for the control nodes, the compute nodes, and the REST API users, with the API output displayed in the Contrail user interface. As the number of control and compute nodes increase in the system, the analytics nodes can also be increased.