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Upgrading Contrail Networking using Contrail Command

Use the following procedure to upgrade Contrail Networking using Contrail Command.

The procedure supports incremental model and you can use it to upgrade from Contrail Networking Release N-1 to N.

  1. Create snapshots of your current configurations and upgrade Contrail Command. See Upgrading Contrail Command using Backup Restore Procedure.
  2. Login to Contrail Command without logging into a Contrail cluster.

    In most environments, Contrail Command is accessed by entering https://<Contrail-Command-Server-IP-Address>:9091 in your web browser..

    Leave the Select Cluster field blank. If the field is populated, use the drag-down menu to delete the pre-populated cluster selection.

    Enter your username and password credentials and click Log in

    If you have any issues logging into Contrail Command, see How to Login to Contrail Command.

  3. Click on Clusters.

    You will see the list of all the available clusters with the status.

  4. Select the cluster you want to upgrade.

    Hover your mouse over ellipsis next to the cluster and click on Upgrade.

  5. Enter Contrail Version, Container Registry, Container Registry Username, Container Registry Password.

    Contrail Version depicts the current installed Contrail version. You must update the value to the desired version number.

    The values for Container Registry, Container Registry Username, and Container Registry Password are pre-populated based on the values used during initial Contrail deployment.

    Click on Contrail Configuration.


    Access CONTRAIL_CONTAINER_TAG values for your targeted upgrade fromREADME Access to Contrail Networking Registry 20xx.

  6. If you have Contrail Insights and Contrail Insights Flows installed in the cluster:

    Appformix and Appformix Flows were renamed Contrail Insights and Contrail Insights Flows. The Appformix naming conventions still appear during product usage, including within these directory names.

    • Release 2005 or later: You do not need to provide appropriate versions of Contrail Insights and Contrail Insights packages in the /opt/software/appformix and /opt/software/xflow directories. This step is no longer required starting in Release 2005.

    • Release 2003 or earlier:

      Provide appropriate versions of Contrail Insights and Contrail Insights packages in the /opt/software/appformix and /opt/software/xflow directories on the Contrail Command server. For more details, refer to Installing Contrail Insights and Contrail Insights Flows using Contrail Command.

    Skip this step if you are not using Contrail Insights or Contrail Insights Flows.

  7. Click on Upgrade.

    Figure 1 provides a representative illustration of a user completing the Upgrade Cluster workflow to upgrade to Contrail Networking Release 2005.

    Figure 1: Upgrade Cluster Workflow ExampleUpgrade Cluster Workflow Example