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Run the Playbooks

Refer to section “Install Contrail and Kolla requirements” and section “Deploying contrail and Kolla containers” in Installing Contrail with OpenStack and Kolla Ansible and execute the ansible-playbook.

Following are examples listing the Contrail play-book invocation from the contrail-ansible-deployer directory:

  • Configure Contrail OpenStack instances:

  • Install OpenStack:

  • Install Contrail:

Source the /etc/kolla/kolla-toolbox/ file from the OpenStack controller node (/etc/kolla/kolla-toolbox/ to the Contrail Insights Controller to authenticate the OpenStack adapter to access admin privileges over controller services. If the OpenStack control node is different from the base host, either Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) the file over and source it (for example, execute source /path/ or manually export the environment enumerated in /etc/kolla/kolla-toolbox/ by invoking export OS_USERNAME=admin etc. and the remainder as listed in

Also at this point, obtain a list of IP addresses to include in the compute section of Contrail Insights in the instances.yaml file. Refer to Compute monitoring: Listing IP addresses to monitor in the computesection of Contrail Insights in the instances.yaml file.

Refer to Installing AppFormix for OpenStack and validate target configuration requirements and inventory parameters for Contrail Insights Controller and Agent. In place of -i inventory/use -i /absolute-file-path/instances.yaml.

Following is an example listing the Contrail Insights playbook invocation from the appformix-2.18.x directory where appformix_openstack.yml is located:

  • Install Contrail Insights: